2017 Late Fall CSA Information

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Please read the information about the 2017 Late Fall CSA and how Crooked Row Fields operates its CSA.

What is a CSA? CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. In this model the customer pays at the beginning of the season for vegetables, and in return receives a weekly or biweekly share of the season’s harvest. The CSA allows the farmer some financial and market security, the ability to market her produce at a less busy time of year, and an influx of cash at the beginning of the season when she has to pay for fertilizer, seeds, and annual supplies. In return the customers develop a relationship with the farmer, and get weekly newsletters and fresh produce at a discount.

We love the CSA model at Crooked Row Fields. It allows us to picture our customers as we harvest for them, and gives us the security to take good care of our fields, employees, and selves.  This season we’re using all of this seasons profits to be put into our future home.  So by supporting us, you’re supporting our search for a permanent home for Crooked Row Fields.

A CSA also ensures you get your favorite vegetables, as well as trying something new. As one of our Spring 2015 customers said:

“Thank you both so much for your extraordinary CSA. It’s made my week. I haven’t cooked in YEARS and now I am.”

Signing up for a CSA will encourage you to eat healthy, and cook at home!

If a full share feels daunting, sign up for a half-share or sign up with a friend! (see below, or the signup page, for pricing)

To sign up:

  1. Read about the CSA in detail below
  2. Then click the “CSA Sign Up” tab above.
  3. Fill out the form and pay online (through Paypayl) or send us a check.

Can I pay in installments? Yes! When you’re signing up, select the “Installment” option in the drop-down menu.

What happens if you’re unable to pick up your share? Please respect our pickup times!  If you need to switch between Friday and Saturday pickups, please let us know one week in advance. You may also ask a friend or neighbor to pick up a share for you. We are happy to accommodate—we want you to get your veggies!  note: We’ve been a bit lax about this in the past, but in 2017 we simply aren’t as flexible with pickup times.  Please help us by committing to your pickup time!

Late Fall CSA:

When? 4 biweekly pickups on Fridays from 3pm to 5:30pm and Saturdays, 2pm – 5pm, at Brigham Farm. November 3rd/4th and 17th/18th, December 1st/2nd and 15th/16th.

How much is a share? A Full Share is $160 for the four weeks.  A Half Share is $90.  We designed the shares so that you may take your time eating the produce over the two weeks before the next pickup.  We also aim to give you 10%-20% more value than the cost of your share.  It’s our way of saying ‘thanks for signing up!’

Example of one week’s Full Share:

2 lbs apples, 1 bag spinach, 2 heads of lettuce, 2 lbs potatoes, 1 bunch of parsley, 2 lbs of carrots, 3 heads of garlic, 1 bunch of kale, 1 bunch of chard, 1 butternut squash


Sign up for the 2017 CSA by Clicking HERE!