Crooked Row Fields in 2017

Hello everyone!

We hope you have enjoyed your Winter, which doesn’t seem to want to go quietly, and are looking forward to the coming season!
We wanted to share an update about this season at Crooked Rows. This year we’ll be stepping back from Crooked Row Fields as we are each working at non-profit farms. Elena is the Production Manager at Lexington Community Farm and I am the Assistant Urban Farm Manager at Mill City Grows in Lowell. Elena and I are excited about the opportunities that the jobs bring. We are learning about larger scale production and education as part of a farm’s mission. We also will be able to put money aside as we save for a permanent home for Crooked Row Fields.
As many of you know, we have been very lucky to lease land from Brigham Farm for the past seven years. Leasing land allowed us to start a (usually cost-prohibitive) farm business in our early twenties, and gradually shape what we want that business to look like. Your support as a customer has allowed us to build the foundation of our business, as well as provided inspiration for waking up and harvesting every morning in the summer. The upshot of all this? We still want to be farmers! We also want to farm on our own land, so we can invest soundly in permanent infrastructure.
“So that’s it? No produce from Crooked Row this season??”, you ask. Of course not! We’ll be continuing our popular Late Fall CSA as we have since 2014. This has always been our favorite part of our business, and it coincides with a more relaxed time at our respective jobs. We will also continue to grow all the lettuce and beans available throughout the summer at the Brigham Farm Stand.
To sign up for Crooked Row Fields 2017 Late Fall CSA, please visit the sign up page. We’re keeping the price the same as last year for now, but it will go up during the summer.
We can’t say enough how much your support, recipes, words of encouragement, and hugs have meant to us over the years, and we look forward to seeing you around Brigham and in the fall!

Elena and Karl